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hroughout its long history, Fansteel/Wellman Dynamics has been recognized for delivering highest quality castings and pushing the envelope of sand casting technology. The company is best known as a primary supplier of complex components for helicopters, missiles, rocket engines, jet engines, and structural parts for both military and commercial aircraft. Such applications include the unique Bell/Boeing V-22 Tilt Rotor, the Rolls Royce/BMW BR710 jet engine, and the Pratt and Whitney alternate turbopump for the Space Shuttle main engines. Non-aerospace applications include 1600 pound magnesium transfer pumps for the oilfield industry and porosity-free castings for computer chip manufacturing.

Fansteel/Wellman Dynamics' 285,000 square foot facility is nestled in the rolling hills of southwest Iowa. The Creston plant is equipped for complete casting manufacturing and processing. For example, all heat treatment, layout, metallurgical and non-destructive testing are performed in-house. Over 20 different aluminum and magnesium alloys are routinely cast. Wellman helped pioneer the development of specialty magnesium alloys such as corrosion resistant AZ9lE and heat resistant WE43A and is currently the largest producer of these alloys in the world.

Fansteel/Wellman Dynamics' is proud that its skilled workforce is able to produce a wide range of products including the largest and most complex sand castings in the aerospace industry. We are committed to extending this capability to the demanding requirements of tomorrow's aerospace designs as well as those of new markets requiring similar cast components.

Satisfying our customers' needs while continuing to improve quality and production efficiencies in increasingly competitive markets is our primary goal. Although price is often a key factor in purchase decisions, customers know the value of Wellman's technical expertise, reduced development time, and delivery performance which is demonstrated by the number of awards and contracts won by the company.

Through its continuing leadership role in the aerospace foundry industry, Fansteel/Wellman Dynamics allows ALL its customers to enjoy the greatest freedom in designing tomorrow's most challenging casting applications.

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